Ut oh…

When Chris goes dark I get worried. He either decided to eat his steering wheel or make out with Covid victims. He needs to get better before mid May for the Duran Duran concert.

Hello Thackerville!

Speaking of aging rock stars… have you see that Frankie Valli is still touring? It pretty sad. He is in his 80’s. He gets around fine (for an 80-something) but you can tell he is not singing and he seems really… ‘just there’. His ‘backup singers’ who dance and whatnot sing large parts of the songs too. It seems like that poor guy needs to be left alone. It’s elder abuse to push him out there.

Speaking of aging rock stars… what is going on with all of them? All you see is old bands nowadays… and Taylor Swiffer. Ive seen both sides of the argument that there is no good music nowadays and that there is just as good of new music. If that is the case, why are there so many old bands touring? Do they simply need more money?

I’m still standing firm that the 80’s was the best. But I was bound to say that… I’m 50.


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