Tags…. Ahhhhhhh!

You are supposed to say that title to the Flash movie theme. Try it again… I’ll wait.

So this post is really for Chris (the only person who reads this blog).

After you log in, go to posts and go all the way back to the first blog posts from 2008 or 2009. You will notice the tags for each blog are on the left. There are ALOT of posts with missing tags.

Mayhaps we should go back and fill in some tags?!

I’m game to do mine.

I started looking at the old posts cause I am looking for old goals for my newer posts and I saw this tag-deficiency.


Ive been adding some tags and have found lots of blogs I wrote about season 2/3 that didn’t have tags. I’m adding those keywords cause I sometimes go back and reference that stuff and it easy to find via the search here on the webpage. …Stuff I haven’t seen in years…


I have been doing some links to older articles that have some connection to newer ones as well during this discovery. That’s supposed to be a SEO thing, right?

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