Creating a couple of new things…

For a few years now I have been playing with the idea of creating a card set that revolved around Preparedness. You know, being ready for a disaster… I finally started on that project and have finally finished it. It is a 52 card deck (double sided) with a Scenario or a Prompt and then some text giving my thoughts on how to be prepared for it. I

I created the cards in Abobe and sent them off to a manufacturer in China via Alibaba. After much back and forth and finding so many errors (I really do rush too much), the printing has completed (supposedly) and the cards (2050 decks) are on their way via ship. Once they arrive I will get them listed on Amazon and Ebay. I am still trying to work out a MSRP but they will be pretty cheap.

The other project I have been working on has been According To Whim Dice Games. A book of about 30-40 simple dice games. I have most of them defined and am working with CoPilot, Pollinations, and ChatGPT for the art. I need Chris’ help to test the ideas (cause they haven’t been tested at all yet).

Keep an look out for these coming soon.

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