Thank Goodness for Blog Tags

Tags or Keywords are nifty things you add on the backside of your blog posts so that in future you can go back and search for topics you may have written about.

This has come in handy several times when writing a Blog and wanting to reference back to something you wrote before.

I have added a Tag Cloud to the main page of the website so you can visually click on a subject that may interest you (that we have wrote about).

The only issue I am seeing is that in an effort to ‘make a name for ourselves’ we have added our names and ‘According To Whim’ to many posts. This has put those phrases/names at the top of the cloud (the biggest words) and it kinda skews the overall topics. Who knows, maybe one day we will go back and remove it from old posts.

Here is the tag cloud again (if you want to browse some fun topics):

"According to Whim" "Chris McGinty" "nathan stout" a access AccordingToWhim according to whim american anime blog blogspot board chris Chris McGinty debt episode fort fort worth funny game games goals is kickstarter mcginty money movie music of podcast public review script season 2 serial serialized show superhero texas the to toys video worth writing

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