Oh dear oh dear or dear (part the second)

Did you read the first part yet? If not, go on (it’s short).

This follow up part is the next logical thought in the ideas that ended that blog…

“So I’m never gonna be more than a cog in the machine of life… now what?”

That’s the topic for discussion today… a bit of therapy if you will. People have been living their lives since the dawn of man, working, having family (or not), and dying with out making a ripple in the space time continuum.

That’s gonna happen to me, you, and 99.9 % of the people on this planet currently and 99.999999% of the people in the past.

You don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Infact no one will, not even Donald Trump. In 300 years no one will probably know who the guy is.

So if they aren’t going to know who he is, they certainly won’t know who I was.

All that to say, what mind set do I need to get myself into to just be happy with life?

I will not be rich, I will not be famous.

What can I affect while I am here? It will not matter a 100 years after I am gone, but it may affect some people now (and for a while to come)…

There it is. I just found it because I wrote it out… people.

I shouldn’t spend enormous amounts of time doing things that won’t last at all… like:

  • Keeping up with the Jones’ (aka, spending my time getting my possessions perfect).
  • Getting too lost (spending too much of my time) on hobbies that produce nothing (which can include TV).

I think I should be spending time creating connections with people. Writing and Videos/Audio/Game making would do that but I should have a focus on creating the joy in it, not the ‘make money’ aspect of it. If money follows, great, however that shouldn’t be the goal.

Shaping the lives of my kids with more emphasis. We do that (whether we realize it or not) automatically but I mean with more purpose, guiding them in the directions that will grow with them (and maybe pass on to their kids).

You see where I’m going with this?

I need to find life satisfaction now. My time is quickly running out on this planet. I’m past the point of trying to make it big in anyway (however, people like Colonel Sanders didn’t make it till he was in his 60’s).

That satisfaction is not ‘I need to be happy at all costs so I am going to loose my mind and decide that I am going to be a cat, quit my job, and demand everyone respect me’.

I am talking about making a meaningful life at my station (where I am with what I have).

Incase you want to read me wax on about what my Grandfather’s death meant to me back in 2010, go here. It discusses our place in this world.

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