Civil War… or … binge watch? What to do…

We live in the strangest of times. I’m sure that has been said/written many times in the past but man…

So Chris made a good point to me a couple of years ago and it rang true and still rings true today “As long as they keep us fighting with each other, they have us easily under control” (or something to that effect).

100% true.

Our country is really splitting it’s self in half, sure the issues are different but we are certainly fitting right into the template that gave us the United States Civil War. A country so divided on so many things (probably more than before). The real issue this time being that the split is spread all over the country, not so easy as a North vs South thing.

Coming from a more conservative point of view I see a country were the ‘leaders’ don’t lead, but simply exist to foil their political opposites. They play their proletariats against each other causing hate.

When I was growing up Conservatives were sticks in the mud, rich white men who didn’t want any laws to change and wanted to keep the status quo. Liberals were hippies that wanted free love, to give out free money, and hated big business. To a younger me, it wasn’t such radical differences, just a choice.

Today it’s all out war and if you associate with the ‘wrong’ group you’re better off dead. Conservatives are racists, hate everyone who do not think like them, and will murder anyone and Liberals are mental nut jobs who believe anything and anything goes.

I feel the media and the powers that be have formed and propagated these new ‘facts’ because it gets you viewers and gets you power.

Being more conservative (as I said) I see the Conservatives are racists, murders, haters as a straight up lie and quite easy to debunk. However I feel Liberals have gotten stuck with this death spiral of culture that the powerful have groomed and the media has hyped. One crazy thing leads to another: “same sex couples just want to be able to get married”, “there aren’t just two sexes” “minor-attracted persons are fine”, etc.. I feel the truly mentally ill have been given a podium to say what they want and other have been encouraged to join in to their delusions. Of course, that’s just a hate filled person talking right? Right?

Let’s pause to make the statement that needs to be made. Ofcourse there are exceptions in both mind-sets, there are nut job loonie Conservatives who would kill anyone, are racist (or ‘culturalist’ as I like to call it), and hate everyone; just like there are those on the far far left who would do the most ab-horrid things as well, we are not focusing on that SUPER DUPER minuscule percent of people. We are focusing on the majority of the population.

So what do we do to stop a civil war, succession, etc? We have to do something about those in power. Not only our governing body, but those in power over what we watch, listen to, or follow. We have to stop letting them pit us against eachother. We need to hold them accountable for what they do. How do we do that? We vote and we use our dollars. Those are the only 2 things that matter to the powers that be. It’s like Freddy Kruger, we ignore them, give them less power and they become powerless. If we can 1.) agree that we are being manipulated 2.) agree that we can use our votes and money to boot out those who would do us harm, we can beat them.

Will we actually have a civil war here in the US? Probably not. Technology has sapped our will to do anything of worth. As long as we can live in our comfort zones mostly unbothered we will go along with it.

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