Since 2020 Ended Up Being Lame

by Chris McGinty of
What have I been doing with my
time since the COVID-19 virus became a pandemic? Whatever it is, it hasn’t
involved blogging. There are numerous reasons, the most important being that I
really didn’t feel like writing about the virus and pretending that I knew what
I was talking about. If only the rest of the world had as much restraint.
This doesn’t mean that I won’t
write some thoughts about life in the time of bore…dumb. It just means that I
wanted to be a little more reflective than reactive. I don’t know how many
times I had to say to someone, “We don’t know that for sure yet,”
when I was having explained to me some definitive truth masquerading as a
guess. I may have reversed that sentence… pardon me.
I have been writing, though not
as much as I normally do. I have taken notes and recorded thoughts. Mostly,
I’ve been on a hiatus. I’m not sure I could have handled most social media in
the middle of all of this, though I’m going to have to write some blog posts to
defend social media in the near future.
I’m an open minded person. I’m
willing to take in information that doesn’t agree with my beliefs or positions,
but I’ve an unofficial rule that for about 80% of the time I can hang out in
the confirmation bias zone – a dimension of sights and sounds that don’t force
me to do too much mental heavy lifting. This means that I spend a lot of time
on the stuff I agree with, and I have no real issue with that decision. The
other 20% of the time, I push myself to listen to views with which I don’t
agree. It’s at a lesser frequency, but I do listen.
Becoming informed in the time of
the pandemic was different though. There was a lot of unknown territory. I
didn’t want to die of dysentery while exploring, because they would have
counted it as a COVID-19 death just so they could turn us socialist… as you
can see, I still didn’t avoid all of the nonsense. I wanted to learn the facts
before I started going down rabbit holes of deep state, fake news, the masks
are just a way for them to make us believe we’re in danger conspiracy theories.

You have died of dysentery while infected with COVID-19, meaning that it’s essentially complications due to COVID-19, so it counts as a COVID-19 death. And we shot your oxen. Those are also COVID-19 deaths.

I still took in some of the views
that were in opposition to the so called experts, usually from people claiming
their own expertise. I just didn’t really need two sides to this one. I’ve been
of the belief the whole time that we may be over correcting, but we’re not
overreacting. I have a lot of thoughts about the whole mess, but I’m going to
spread it out. I find no need for urgency here. I don’t have the readership to
feel compelled to be a voice of reason. I do feel compelled to start writing
again though. And that’s all this is.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
lives in an area that thankfully hasn’t been hit too hard with COVID-19. He
hopes that doesn’t change.

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