Goodwill Bins Haul 10/28/20

by Nathan Stout (of

Yesterday I had to head to Haltom City to pickup a MEGA Doodad (which is another story to come) and I decided I was going to go the bins again. My primary reason was to find more kid/baby items to sell in the upcoming Just Between Friends sale.

I got there and the exact same people who were there last 4 times I have been there were there. I have started to call them the Bins Squatters. I believe they are there from open until close every day. This is their job. From the items I see them devour (I don’t know what else describes what they do and how they do it) I think they must sell at Flea Markets. Some of the stuff just doesn’t look like Ebay friendly items. They do do alot of phone looking so I am guessing some of it goes online tho.

This time there seemed to be a lack of really cool stuff, even in the newly brought out bins. I guess cool people didn’t donate that day or something. I did find a bunch of kid items to see at the Just Between Friends sale as well as:

  • Vintage ‘Pulsonic’ Baseball game by Mego: Works but doesn’t go for much online. Might keep it.
  • Toothfairy music box: Kinda morbid when you think about it but I collect hurdy gurdys (those music box mechanisms) and this one you can see when you open the box.
  • Elmo stamps (new/sealed): The kids love stamps…
  • Mini igloo cooler: I wanted something small and you can almost always find igloos at the bins.
  • UT Wallet (new): put this one on Ebay.
  • 6 Music CD: Time-life released a 40s’/50’s CD set and I grabbed all the 40’s and one of the 50’s. The 40’s music is my favorite. All discs are immaculate.
  • A couple of Golden Books and some tiny toys along with a Paw Patrol vehicle for the kids.
  • Mousetrap board game: It seems to all be there but I need to check. I found another broken open Mousetrap and took the game pieces so I will have some extras. Update: I sold the complete set at the JBF sale for $6
  • Forbidden Sky board game: again, I think all the pieces are here but I need to check.
  • Rain gauge (new): This was for me.
  • Toddler and baby toys to sell at the upcoming just between friends sale. UPDATE: Have sold all of those.

Like I said, not a lot here. I usually I find more games but there just wasn’t that much this time. My total was 29 lbs. That includes the gray bin I picked up to put all this stuff in.

Now that the Just Between Friends show is approaching I don’t think I need to go the bins for a while. I make that trip (nearly an hour away from home) only when I have something else to do in Fort Worth. Maybe I can talk Chris into going. He can be my eyes and find some more cools stuff for the both of us.

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