Goodwill Bins Haul 12/6/20

by Nathan Stout (of

Games! Games! Games! oh wait, did I mention not one was still in it’s box or had at least 50% of it’s parts? Yeah, it was one of those days at the Bins…

Overall the haul was ok. Not the best but still not too bad. My total weight was like 44lbs. which amounted to $71. It might be a bit tougher to make the money back on this one…

We did discover a nifty new rule. If an item is over 7lbs on it’s own, it is only $5. I always wondered why people bought big heavy items there. That’s a nice rule that will save you some money if you find something heavy like the super 8mm projector I saw but didn’t get.

It was super packed on this trip. There were a lot of people there. I don’t know why (maybe Christmas?). People also had their kids there which is against the rules (like 10+ kids). The place is full of broken glass. I am guessing the workers who were there that day didn’t enforce the no kids rule. There is one employee that I usually see there and she rules that place with an iron fist. I did get the following on this trip.

  • Some fancy high-heeled party shoes that appear to do well on Ebay.
  • A couple of metal signs (for myself).
  • 3 Sims 3 games.
  • A glass and book of Disneyworld.
  • Some books the wife picked up along with some learning bookmark things.
  • Miscellaneous toys for the kid along with a some robots I will probably sell.
  • A wood train set for the kids. A bit heavy but it looks nice. Update: Sold for $6 at JBF
  • A puzzle for the kids (or to sell). UPDATE: Sold for ? at JBF. I sold a lot of puzzles and typically the payback is only like a dollar or two for each.
  • A fake sprinkler head/key hider.
  • Elton John’s greatest hits and a Glen Miller CD.
  • Some stamps.
  • A vintage outer case and wind up figure for Tomy’s Goof Around Golf.
  • A small food scale. I am using this now to weigh my Ebay stuff.
  • A Hawaiian shirt for myself.
  • A pile of baby toys for the next JBF sale.
  • Some tiny halloween pumpkins
  • A quarter.
  • A Hotwheels Nintendo DS game.
  • Scrabble Soup game. Researched and it is missing lots of parts. Will keep incase I find another.

Like I said, not the biggest and best but some fun stuff and perhaps (if the shoes sell) enough to cover the whole trip.

On a final note. The first picture here is the tools of the trade: glasses cause I’m old, leather gloves cause all that glass, hand sanitizer cause duh, and a tiny phillips screwdriver to remove batteries cause no one needs to pay for that crap.

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