Goodwill Bins Haul 12/15/20

by Nathan Stout (of

Today I was joined by Chris at the Goodwill Bins for more rummage fun! First off… proving you can make big profits… cocaine!

I kid! I kid!

I met Chris around lunch time along with the usual suspects that live at the bins and we had a nice time digging through the bins and catching up at the same time. It’s been months since I have actually seen Chris in person so that was nice.

Right off the bat I see something that makes my heart hurt… over in one of the ‘camps’ of the people always there is a Millennium Falcon. Not just any falcon… the Big Millennium Falcon. This was the largest toy they released for this several years ago. It has been reissues this last year for the sum of $400. I can’t believe they got it. Ugh! I would have totally kept that… No use crying over spilt milk.

In today’s haul we picked up…

  • A bunch of baby toys for resale at JBF.
  • 3 Paw Patrol vehicles for the kiddies.
  • Some fisher price little people (Mickey, Green Lantern, and Batgirl) UPDATE: Sold at JBF for $10 (for a lot of about 10 guys)
  • Some little miscellaneous toys including a rebel pilot imaginex guy or something similar and an imaginex Penguin
  • 2 tiny Transformers/Angry Birds Telepod figures. Didn’t know what I had until I looked them up. Onto Ebay they go!
  • A McDonald’s transforming dinosaur/happy meal box: UPDATE Sold for $5.70
  • About 5 Little Golden Books
  • A duck call: UPDATE Sold for $10
  • T2 DVD still sealed
  • Pocket Poker game (but this and a mini Simon I found at Dallas bins on Ebay)
  • Some Rock Jewelry. Update: Sold for like a dollar profit. Oh Well…
  • A ton of Lincoln Logs. I think this now completes my daughter’s set. Although if I keep buying them one day I will have a huge lot to resell… This is probably what cost the most in this (besides the CDs… Chris I am looking at you…). UPDATE: Sold for $25 at JBF
  • A ‘pocket socket’. Basically something you attack to power plug plate to allow you put a phone in the pocket for charging. Looks neat.
  • A Deathstar Perplexus. This just looks neat and has sounds and lights too. I have a regular perplexus so this was a nice find. Its going for good $$ on Ebay so I think it will go there…
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid game (new sealed). On Ebay now. Buy it from me!
  • Move to the Head of the Class game. Seems to be all there. Not too much to this game. It is the ‘deluxe edition’ tho. I wonder why they don’t make that game anymore…
  • Toxik album titled Think This. It is a rare CD with some scratches but it is selling in the $50-60 range. Update: Sold for $40
  • Cosmetic bag that looks decent for Ebay.
  • A Hotwheels launcher/carry case. My daughter likes playing with the tracks and such but she doesn’t have a launcher.
  • Some jar lids (new).
  • A music box, a tiny pill or part holder, and an SD card holder.
  • A dime!
  • Someone’s stamp collection. See my video about it here. Update: Sold for $21.54 profit on Ebay
  • A butt-load of CDs.
  • Some guitar picks (not sure why). EDIT: Ok, so I am dumb, they are not guitar picks but arrow flights.

Chris and I were in the bin right next to the back area where I found that vintage star wars toy last time and once again this bin proved to be a winner. This time we found stamps. Someone had been stamp collecting in the 60’s and there were a lot of packets of stamps as well as a stamp book with probably 300 stamps already in it. After some investigating this appears to be a typical stamp collection with nothing special in it. I am doing a couple of test auctions and if they don’t do well I will probably lump it all together and sell it as one lot.

The final items bought were CDs at Chris’ insistence. I don’t like selling CDs on Ebay unless they are rare (like the Toxik one above). Chris thinks otherwise so here I am with 10 lbs of plastic… 🙂

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