Putting Together Some Jigsaw Puzzles #1

I did a major catch up yesterday on some political posts I’d written over the last few months, so I’m going to post up something a little lighter today. Nathan and I have been posting about going to the “Goodwill Bins of Gathering All the Pieces.” We each have different tastes in what we buy when thrift shopping. I have a blog post idea to describe the differences, but I need to write it. In the meantime, I’ll discuss my interest in jigsaw puzzles.

I’m not sure I would say I’m a fanatic of jigsaw puzzles, but do enjoy doing them from time to time. I’m the same way with things like crosswords, Sudoku, and logic problems. Every so often you need something that is still engaging the problem solving side of your brain while not trying to solve any specific problem. Put on some good music and just focus on something external for a bit.

Disney Tinkerbell 100 Pieces Puzzle

If you ever needed proof that I don’t have OCD, it’s the fact that I know that many of the puzzles that I buy used will be missing at least one piece. If I needed obsessive completion, I couldn’t do this. I do see this as a service in a weird way though. I can later sell the puzzles that are actually complete, and the people who would be bothered by incompletion can buy used knowing they’ll have a full puzzle. This puzzle was reasonably easy to assemble. There was enough variety in the colours, and two humanoid figures. The only disappointment was the missing edge piece.

Disney Multi-Character 100 Pieces Puzzle

This one was complete and in mostly good shape. I think one of the pieces was a little bent, but it was fun to put together. There were a lot of characters to guide what pieces were likely to go where. It took me a little longer than it probably should have, because with smaller puzzles I’ll only look at the box when I open it and then I’ll do my best without guidance. I do like the picture as well.

Disney Cinderella Heart Shaped 100 Pieces Puzzle

This has been my favourite to put together so far. The puzzle was in great shape. And speaking of shape; the heart shape made for interesting cuts on the pieces. This one had a slightly higher level of difficulty, given the fewer humanoid and animal figures and fewer colours. I like the picture as well with its classic Disney style.

I also thought to get a picture of the puzzle without the box next to it, which I’ve since tried to do with other puzzles.

That’s all for today. I’ll do another post like this soon enough. I’ve found a couple of interesting puzzles out there; but unfortunately, I’m getting only about a 50/50 ratio of complete/incomplete.

I was going to say that I would need to get the link to Nathan’s YouTube project that’s somewhat targeted at children, but then I managed to remember what the name was, EggMoss Go! I actually really like that name. It’s fun and a little esoteric.

Here’s a Disney puzzle to fit the theme of this post.

If you just enjoy looking at puzzles, he does short videos where he puts together jigsaw puzzles, as well as other stuff.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who does believe in that edge piece. I do believe in that edge piece. Hmmm. There’s still no edge piece.

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