Putting Together Some Jigsaw Puzzles #2

I started a series of posts to show off some jigsaw puzzles that I’ve put together in recent times. While I won’t necessarily theme the posts each time, I did theme the last one with some Disney puzzles. This time I’m going to go with a few Star Wars puzzles, including the puzzle that to date is the one that I absolutely should have known wasn’t complete enough to buy. I didn’t open the box to check it though.

This was a nice, easy puzzle to put together. I’m not really a big fan of these lenticular puzzles, but this one was a good build.

I notice that the puzzle was owned by someone named Garrett. I don’t know anyone named Garrett, but a fictitious version of me does. I’m making a mental note for the sequel that will never happen.

The pieces were pretty good quality on this puzzle and it’s an iconic image.

This was also a nice, easy puzzle to put together, and the pieces were of good quality.

The Clone Wars series is something I feel like I should be more into. I’ve enjoyed it, but I don’t find myself putting it on repeat views as I do with the movies. I like the artwork of this puzzle though.

One of the places that I buy these puzzles is at the “Goodwill Bins of Chris Probably Shouldn’t Be Buying Puzzles Here.” This was a box that I clearly should have looked into. I think it would have been obvious that it was so incomplete. I didn’t enjoy this puzzle, but it might be that I was having trouble with proportions and spatial awareness because of so many missing pieces. Luckily, if you leave a puzzle on a table, someone will come along and work on it. It’s possibly the only way I got through this one.

In a weird way, what you have here is a puzzle that seems to be missing important pieces, put together by more than one person because of not knowing where to go next, and while most of the background could be dismissed, you would at least want the character to be fully developed. If I was one of those fans, I might throw this puzzle out as an analogy for the most recent trilogy.

I was hoping Nathan had a Star Wars puzzle to link to on his EggMoss Go! channel, but he didn’t. I found an Action Figure Talk about droids, and maybe it kind of fits since he doesn’t give two toots about BB-8.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who can say, without irony, that Rian Johnson wrote one of the best episodes of Star Wars. It’s probably in sixth place if you only count the main nine, but listen that still puts it firmly in the top 66%. I can’t help it that Mark Hamill thinks he knows better about his character than the guy who wrote “Looper.” He’s wrong, ok? I will die on this hill, folks. The scene with Luke and Leia near the end of the film was the best scene of the entire new trilogy. It’s too bad that they spent the entirety of the next movie apologizing for having the balls to take a chance with the story… what? Oh, right. I hope you enjoyed this look at some jigsaw puzzles.

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