Goodwill Bins Haul 3/8/21

Today I had a work trip down to Fort Worth and lo and behold it was 4.8 miles from the Goodwill Bins! Well, never say I pass a chance to go to the bins!

I love playing cards but just not needed or worth it due to weight.

It was packed as usual (10:40am mind you). The typical crowd was there but the usually hard-nosed check out lady was not. She keeps them in line but since she was gone… so were all the carts. When she isn’t there to regulate, the regulars (who basically live there) will amass multiple shopping carts, leaving none for the rest of us. It’s hard to do business without a cart at the bins… after about 10 or 15 minutes one came free so I snatched it began to rummage in earnest.

Chris likes to think of this as an opportunity… I see this as a lost cause. Move along…

Since it was a work day I needed to make this visit as fast as possible so I don’t feel I did as through a job as I would normally would. My total today was $44.75 which is 28bs. Kind of alot for what I got… yikes! What I have out for sale is at $100 before fees, so maybe…

Like I usually say ‘I want to sell enough of the haul to pay for the haul so I can keep the rest’. This will be a challenge. Here’s the junk… uh stuff I got:

UPDATE: So after the JBF sale (and two items from Ebay) I made (before their fees) $99.98 from this haul. When you figure in fees I should clear about $65… so we are good! Woo Hoo! I got to keep a bunch of stuff and didn’t have to pay out of pocket for any of it!

  • A large about of Bristle Blocks (to keep for the kids for now, sell later). UPDATE: Sold for $20 at JBF
  • 8 baby/toddler toys for sale at the Kids Sale. UPDATE: Sold for about $4 ea (after all fees)
  • 5 different Thomas the Tank toys. Will got into the kids sale. UPDATE: Sold for $4 at JBF
  • Paper fan, miscellaneous toys (dinosaurs, accessories, a little person, trash cans, various figures).
  • Calico Critters sink and Woodsies? Sink.
  • 2 clear storage boxes. I’m a sucker for storage.
  • 6 small Paw Patrol Vehicles. We have most of these so they will go to the kid’s sale.
  • 1 Large Paw Patrol Truck. Keep.
  • Blokus Game (sell). UPDATE: Sold for $10 at JBF
  • Bunco Party Game (sell). UPDATE: Sold for $8 at JBF
  • What’s GNU Game (keep).
  • Mad Libs card Game UPDATE: Sold for $5 at JBF
  • Korg tuner (ebay). UPDATE: Sold for $19.99
  • Barbie Car for the kids.
  • Alligator puppet head. Great for terrorizing the kids.
  • Miscellaneous small toys
  • 2 Iron Man and 1 Voltron mask
  • Tin Curious George Kiledoscope
  • Star Wars Sheet which I will be using to cover junk in the garage from dust.
  • Optimus Prime kid costume to sell at kids sell. UPDATE: Sold for $6 at JBF
  • Wataburger hat. will check ebay or may keep for myself. I love me some Wataburger (even tho they are now owned by a Chicago company, the ultimate Texas betrayal EVAR). UPDATE: Sold for $9.99
  • A few Cars Duplos.

I think the weight here is in the games and the bristle blocks and the large Paw Patrol vehicle.

Not the greatest haul but still fun. Check out my video coverage of this trip and talk about my experience on our YouTube Channel! Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!

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