Goodwill Bins Haul 4/15/21

I had a dentist appointment in Fort Worth so since I would be within 6 miles of the Bins I made plans to waste some time digging for treasures.

This is probably the smallest amount of stuff I have ever bought from the bins (22lbs). I’m mostly on the lookout for toys as you know and if I find some cool stuff that might sell for some money I go for it.

I should have bought for Chris to ‘relive’ the olden days…

Found more toys that anything else here but I did find a couple of items that I think I can sell to pay for this haul. Let’s take a gander…

  • Living in Oblivion 80’s CD UPDATE: Sold for $19.99
  • Heart’s War Bluray (only cause it was sealed)
  • White electrical tape (new/sealed)
  • Some interesting skeleton keys.
  • 4 pack of kids ‘vintage style’ card games (new/sealed) UPDATE: Sold for $14.99
  • Dollhouse (for the kids)
  • 1 large baby toy for the kids sale
  • 3 imaginex big feet guys (I collect them for the kids)
  • Some Duplos for the kids
  • a Windchime for myself
  • An Atari wireless controller for my Flashback system
  • Craft tool box. UPDATE: Sold at garage sale $2
  • Waterproof phone or accessories case
  • Concealed holster UPDATE: Sold $19.99
  • Frisbee for kids (ours are broken)
  • Bike helmet
  • Disney ornament On Ebay Here
  • a bunch of small toys
  • a vintage little person
  • a non-vintage little person
  • a bag to hold it all
  • Tactical bag accessory. UPDATE – Sold on Ebay $15
  • a couple of McDonalds Disney toys
  • a Dino McDonalds toy. UPDATE – Sold on Ebay $5

So a couple of clarifications. I give Chris crap about buying McDonalds toys and I turned around and bought 2. Well, they are the Disney anniversary ones, so I give myself a pass. There is also a transforming dino happy meal one that I have found before and sold for $8 so Im ok with that too.

Chris got me into buying helmets. They have been selling for $3 at the kids sale. At this point between all our hauls we have like 10 of them. I need to dump them, it’s making me sweat.

Among the toys there are some pirate gold coins, a ninja turtle, a toy vending machine that my oldest loves, a couple of Walmart Corps! figures and helicopter for the kids outside toys. Also a Jurassic World submarine. I thought the kids would like it and I didn’t know it was Jurassic World. I thought it was from the Adventure Planet series.

I also found a Visa debit rewards card that got me real excited! This could pay for the whole trip and more… one problem. It was expired. If it had any balance it would have expired in 2018. Always remember to keep an eye out for those types of cards at the bins!

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