Six Flags visit 7 and 2022 Season Passes

Welcome to my 6th post in my Six Flags list of posts. If you want to read about my previous visits go to the search icon and search for Six Flags.

I took my daughter in early August for her Birthday. She’s six now and a adrenaline junkie. She didn’t even want to go to Looney Tunes Land, she made me ride Pandemonium first when we got there at opening. Six Flags does what Disney does by letting people into the actual park but have lines up near the All American Cafe to prevent people from going any further until actual opening.

As I stated back in my first post, it is the 60th anniversary of the park and I suspected they would do a lot of spiffying up of the park and they have. They continue to make some improvements as well including reopening a re-themed Cave ride including Spees!

After Pandemonium we rode the Mine Train (at the last seat). Man that is one rough ride. Even my daughter yelled “my spine!”. The Shock Wave was closed due to low employee count so we passed on that and went back and had chicken strips at the All American (with our Dining Plan). We made the rounds of the park again, riding the train (it is finally reopened), Conquistador, El Sombrero, The Log Ride, and Pandemonium again. Shock Wave reopened and we were able to get on the front seats. She loved it.

I’d like to bring up the train. It is one of the original attractions and really elevates the carnival atmosphere Six Flags has. It it well taken care of and my daughter really enjoyed it and we rode it twice all the way around.

We had a good time but it was freaking hot (August of course). We did actually buy a box of popcorn so for the first time in forever we actually spent money at the park.

One final note I’d like to point out is the HORRIFIC decision of management to add barb wire around the park. Now, I understand you need security but IT LOOK REALLY GHETTO. Couldn’t they have hidden it a little better? Please get rid of it.

Fast forward to today. I got a special offer in email to renew my 2019 Season Passes. 2020 was a freebie but it is finally time to re-up. The price is 79.99 but for 2019 holders it is 49.99. I went ahead and renewed and bought the dining plan again ($109). So my 2022 spent so far is 283.54.

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