Audio Show: 2-22-99

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

The show begins with the pop from a can of Chris’ lifeblood…. Dr. Pepper. Chris later reveals the most disgusting flesh wound ever! Miguel almost pukes, after he offers to lick it. Miguel also talks about puking as a child, song rip-offs (oops, remakes), Tori Amos, and finally an episode that doesn’t end in mid sentence!
     What does the show start out with? Chris getting a DP, what else?! Chris and Miguel talk about porn, Metallica, The Lost World, The Phantom Menace, Their show and their multitude of loyal fans….NOT!.  They also prepare for the episode (episode 19) where According To Whim goes on the road: to success, or DEATH!
     Chris tries to bum $130.00 off Miguel.  Miguel and Chris go on the road… is this the last episode of ATW? “Lets get ready to rumble!” They both stop off to pay Chris’ bill and absolutely FREAK to guy out at the register. 
     They try to find Brian, but they don’t know which apartment he lives in so they decide to head over to Nathan’s. They travel over to Nathan’s and he Joins the Duo and things get ugly! As soon as they go into Nathan’s, the geekiness is shown right away with the discovery of D&D stuff RIGHT AWAY. Miguel embarrasses Nathan by giving him his borrowed porn back (in a loud voice).
     Miguel plays Halflife in Part 5.

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