Just some updates and junk from me

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in quite a while so I am about to vomit out a bunch of thoughts and stuff so buckle up.

  • Question to self: I’ve had the same few thousand MP3s on my PC for years and years and the really only addition in all that time has been new stuff by Duran Duran and Gary Numan. My question is, there is a lot of junk I don’t ever listen to (and never have). For the sake of space, should I get rid of that stuff or keep it?
  • I got the ‘Virus of Unknown Origin’ on very last day of last year. I fared well so I am contributing my intake of zinc, d3, and iodine spray. Supposedly I’m fairly protected for a few months. Leaving for Disneyworld next week, so I should be good (although flying during a pandemic scares the crap out of me).
  • Disney has gotten real cheap over the pandemic, you get less and pay more. My interest is waning.
  • Chris and I are getting ready to launch the 3rd printing of Zombie Death Force, Go!. It’s currently in China being produced (see featured image). So get ready for me to start schilling it here soon.
  • Creative motivation has been non-existent over the last couple of months. I need some real soon (and I need Chris to get a dose of focus in 2022).
  • During the holiday season, I spent a lot of money on junk. I have a real problem.
  • I want to bee keep real bad but am unsure of my abilities in that area and what happens if we move?
  • My house has ALOT of trees and every fall it becomes a major untaking to de-leaf the yard (almost a full acre). Last year I filled 108 construction-sized trash bags. This year I am trying to just mulch it all back in. So far I am about 50% done and have only filled about 12 bags.
  • My world has expanded recently when I discovered arcade emulators called Pandora and Elf. Lots to learn there. Still not totally sure MAME isn’t the way to go.
  • Ebay sales died down right before Christmas but right after the first of the year they picked back up. I haven’t put anything new up recently and I am not sure how much to pursue reselling this year.
  • I finally figured out a way to post the Audio shows so I have begun. I am seeing a lot of missing ‘parts’ (aka, missing tapes).

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