Nathan’s angry blog (internet ruins everything edition)

So many things are irritating me right now, so please excuse my ranting for just a moment…

  • Someone replaced the word ‘Woke’ with the word ‘Hate’ the other day and I agree. So tired of this movement. We gave it a shot and it’s working out horribly, move on.
  • YouTube is crap. Everyone (me included) is just on there to make money. SOOOOOOO, you can’t trust anything on there. Chris has this idea of false knowledge and I agree 100% with him. YouTube is full of junk out to make money off you via views. User beware.
  • That brings up one of my original ‘tin foil hat’ moments from many many years ago. I used to argue with Miguel and Chris that Wikipedia was 100% junk. Anyone could get in there and basically change facts/history. I feel absolutely justified in that thought now. How do we (as a world) discern the true history? Sure, even the way it was before, history was written by the winners but now the narrative is so out of control who knows what really happened in the past.
  • The idea of ‘changing facts’ brings me to today’s media. What crap. I don’t feel there is anyone out there without an agenda and you shouldn’t even read/watch the news. They say what they want, spin what they don’t, and vomit nothing by negativity (cause that’s what sells). Keep humanity at each other’s throats, their easier to control that way…
  • Speaking of ‘controlling the message’ like above in the example of Wikipedia and the media in general, we have our favorite search engines/social media/websites. In particular I’m dumping on Google. They are the biggest player and they will show you what they want. Make no mistake, you will not find what you want if they don’t want you to find it.
  • I call facebook; ‘boredbook’. I go there when I am bored. If it’s unavailable I go to YouTube for the same purpose.
  • Reaction videos are bullshit. A thinly veiled theft of other’s work. Infact most video that just randomly show up in your facebook feed are stolen content. A collection of videos culled from all over the internet and not a bit of it paid for. I just fell reaction videos are the most blatant of the offenders cause you get to see the bastard who stole it.
  • All over the net you see vaccine ads. I just think to myself ‘I wonder how much of my hard earned money went in that crap’.
  • Since I don’t have cable/dish I will browse the news on YouTube (mainly for local weather) but always… always… TOP news in the Breaking News or National News category is Trump and January 6th.

For many years I have postulated that once we get an AI overload who controls every aspect of our lives, it will get rid of BS. For some reason I have always thought that AI would be this pure, common sense, and reasoning being. Shiiiiiiiiit, probably will be programmed by some political hack. They we’re all screwed. Same stuff as above, all run by the AI and boosted to the nth degree.

P.S. I have rejected current social norms and attacked the establishment, I’ve probably now been tagged an extremist.

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