A.I. will ruin EVERYTHING

I am shamelessly piggybacking off of Chris’ post, but no one reads this stuff anyway, so why worry? Anyway, I used to say that the greatest use of AI will be when they program all traffic lights to use AI. Imagine how much time humanity will save with that. I have literally been saying that for almost 10 years now. I did see a post about how some place or another was thinking about doing that… I take full credit for it. Someone heard me, and someone repeated it, again, again, etc and finally the right person heard my theory.

As I read Chris’ post about having AI write for him our conversation over the phone came back to me about how websites are loading up on content written by AI. Suddenly the full implication hit me cause at the time I just thought, well, no one reads stuff on the internet anyway, no biggie. Wait! that shoddy AI writing will (and probably already has) seeped it’s way into our books, movies, songs, etc. Think of it, all the books on the best seller lists are gonna be someone’s MINIMAL EFFORT and a competent AI program. The world is gonna be made of paper-thin creativity and a program doing the heavy lifting. We are gonna look back one day and consider anything written before 2020 a true creative masterpiece since it wasn’t written with minimal effort and a few buck spent on a program. Rome is burning and we are standing in line (and paying) to put our marshmallow on the fire.

How do we back out of this deal? When there is nothing truly creative being made by man, what will happen?

Excuse me while I go buy some land in the country and get some guns…

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