Darn plastic, so EXPENSIVE! (Star Wars figures)

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WHY OH WHY should we be paying $12 for Star Wars figures?!

Several months ago it was revealed that the toy industry was being kept alive by adult collectors. I was simultaneously ashamed, angered, and in agreement. I’ve been an adult buying toys since I was… an adult. I’m one of those OG nerds who was a big Star Wars fan when Star Wars was nothing (late 80’s early 90’s). Same thing with toys. Well the toy makers finally looked over the books and figured out that in this day and age of working Gen X’ers, money was to be made by digging up and repackaging our childhood.

I want that Speeder Bike Scout… I want it real bad. However I feel that shelling out $12 for a 3 3/4″ piece of plastic is not worth it. It is literally a remold of the 80’s Speeder Bike Scout that sold for $3 back in the day. Sure it should be more nowadays, but not that much.

I want all of the them. Hasbro has brought back (almost) all the original Kenner Star Wars line and even added some new ones in the original style. I love this style. It’s my childhood.

They even figured this out with GI Joe. They had newer 5-billion points of articulation figures but fans kept hollering for the original ‘o-ring’ basic 80’s design. Hasbro listened and is now working on that line of figures (at outrageous price points I might add).

So there you are. We are now entering a new golden age of adult collecting. If you were a child of the 80’s and you have the cash, then it’s a good time to be alive. I will just continue to use camelcamelcamel and visit outlet stores to try and grab some of my childhood and discount prices.

Here are some figures I have purchased:

  • Masters of the Universe Origins Panthor – The exact same mold as the Battle Cat but the one I got has flocking. I think I’d have preferred this one (in the link) without flocking. It gets flattened/worn where the armor and joints rubs. It’s gots lots of joint which is cool (the original one didn’t have any).
  • Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull – I got the Matty Collector Club’s Castle Grayskull Classics many years back and nothing can touch that one! This is fun though. Very similar to the original castle. The plastic seems a bit cheaper and of course it’s way more expensive. It has been coming down in price steadily though and showing up at some discount stores (Dirt Cheap). My girls play with it a lot so there’s a bit of added value there.
  • Star Wars Retro Collection – Just cost costly! Sheesh. I picked up some of the Marvel Retro figures that I found on clearance. Again, I wanted them but not enough to pay full price. As far as these Star Wars figures I am still on the fence between getting them or buying a lot of original Star Wars figures. I am shooting for around $5 each. I can’t imagine spending $12 on them (but you go right ahead)!

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