Mindstorming… no, it’s not a Lego offshoot

Let’s take a gander at Lord Brian Tracy’s Mindstorming…

or, if you prefer the easier way to get what you want, try Beth-Gaga Shaggy’s “SpaceStar Ordering”:

Ok, back to Lord Brian Tracy…

Mindstorming (according to Brian Tracy’s Ultimate Goals Program) is summed up by asking a question then coming up (or ‘Mindstorming’) 20 answers to it.

Simple, huh? Let’s try it…

QUESTION: “How can I eat at Outback tonight?”

  • Get $40 to eat there
  • Find a babysitter
  • Make sure I have enough gas to get there
  • Make sure I have enough time to get there and back (it’s about 2 hours away)
  • etc…

You get the drift. So I am going to try this out on something we are more likely to pick as an question:

QUESTIONS: “How can I pay off my 200k mortgage within the year?”

  1. Sell the house.
  2. Move out and rent the house out, take the profit and pay the house off early (by the way that would mean paying 16.6k extra a month, so maybe this is invalid).
  3. Play and win the lottery.
  4. Find a job that pays about 300k a year, that should cover ordinary cost of living and the rest of the mortgage in 12 mo.
  5. Sell plasma (at $75 a pop that would equate 2,666 trips to the clinic) I may be a raisin at that point.
  6. Find an illegal side hustle that will being in 200k in 12 mo.
  7. Find a 2nd or even 3rd job (although that may only bring in about 60-70k in a year).
  8. Do Ebay for 12 mo. Monthly sale would need to be 16.6k (or $556 a day).
  9. OnlyFans my feet or something. Not sure what depravity I’d need to get into to get nearly $600 a day tho.
  10. Get monetized on YouBoob. Try to find a mental illness to appeal to (breath or eat into a microphone or something bizzare). Not sure how quickly I could get to that level before a year would be out though.
  11. Cash out my assets like 401k, PTO, Precious metals, stocks, crypto. Not enough tho.
  12. Go to the casino and try to win the money.
  13. Start online sports betting (I have zero interest in this).
  14. Beg for the money via crowd funding sites like Indiegogo.
  15. Setup a bunch of AI business startups that require little to no time to start.
  16. Setup a fiverr account and hire myself out for as many gigs as I can think of.
  17. Create games and sell online (kinda like we have been doing in the past but in overdrive).
  18. Create ‘printables’ to sell on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers.
  19. Create accounts on Pateron and advertise all the content we have already put out there and basically beg.
  20. Create music via free music apps and sell to content creators (I wonder if AI can do it for me?).

So you see what’s happening here? I have some legitimate ideas and some screwball ones. Some I never even considered before writing it down.

THAT is the key.

Getting is written out, using you mind to come up with things cause you need to fill in that list. Ideas come out that you may not have considered, thus… ‘storming my mind’ for ideas. Thanks Lord Tracy!

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