2024: welcome to wondrous year of conservative America…

It’s that time again. We are in an election year and magically the far left if going to look like JFK for the next 10 or so months. It’s amazing how liberals looking to get elected make this miraculous shift to the center. Conservatives never do this… I just don’t know why…

All the sudden:

  • Illegal immigration is bad
  • drug use is bad
  • homeless is something to be eliminated (and not swept under the carpet for foreign leader visits)
  • family is good
  • wokeness is just too much
  • personal responsibility is a good thing
  • taxes are too high
  • you should keep more of your money
  • gas is too expensive
  • environmentalism needs to be tempered

Ladies and gentlemen this is all horse-hockey. It is the left utterly lying to you to get you to vote for them. They believe none of this. As long as you suckers get them in… that’s all that matters.

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