Nathan’s – Do I Feel Good About 2024?

Here is my take on Chris’ post… a little more bleak.

Things have really taken a turn around the toilet for me in the last 12 months. I’m not out on the street or anything but 2024 is going to be a ‘year of retreat’.

Will probably end up moving back into my mom’s house (with my family) +mom (so that will be fun)…

Still looking for an appropriate job.

Hoping to sell my current house before the total bottom falls out of the economy.

When I say things are in the toilet, I’m talking career-wise. A company came in and bought out my work and although I have been kept on, my job (nay my career) has been changed. I have been in management for better part of 14 years, just finished college (for management) 3 years ago, and had my eye on a c-suite level path for the last 5. Suddenly I am no where near management. My career has been set back 15 years… btw I have 15 years left so if I work hard, I can be where I was on Nov 30th, on my retirement day.

I have been trying to get hired for the last 3 months for the position I was removed at several companies but no one will hire me. I don’t know if it’s that I have been at one company too long (and therefore make too much) or what. I remember trying to get a job shortly after getting hired at my last employer and the interviewer told me ‘you don’t stay with any company very long do you?’… 18 years later… I figure longevity would be some soft of high mark, but apparently not.

Anyway I am still looking so life is in a bit of limbo while that goes on.

2024 can still be useful with trying out a new business and doing more writing. Being back closer to family and friends (now about 2 hours away) and generally reorienting myself back into society.

Also, 2024 will be the first full year of me being ‘over the hill’ and some priorities are starting to change in my mind. I guess it is age doing this but I am ok with it since they are generally along the line of ‘you need to be healthier and you need to enjoy life a little more’.

Along with everything else coming, my Father appears to going to be reappearing in our lives (after 30+ years). Not in a necessarily happy-fun way. He’s disabled and will need some assistance getting to Texas and getting setup but I have my Brother to help out there.

Let’s not mention that Hollywierd will continue to ruin movie franchise all throughout 2024 and the media will continue to try to distract us from the fact that we as a nation are so far in debt and the crooks running the country are getting richer and richer… sigh…

Excited yet?

I will still try to make the best of it.

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