I Really Hope this Team Doesn’t Win Sportsball this Year (Number 4 Will Surprise You)

by Chris McGinty

It’s a Sunday in 2024, which means that the air is thick with… I don’t know, what do you call it? Interest? Is it interest in football? I mean does anyone actually find sports interesting? I looked it up on Wikipedia. They really do find sports interesting, which means that it’s time for my once a year* sports based blog post.

*many more once a year sports based blog posts are in the works for 2024

Some team called the (let me check my notes here) the Texa Strangers won something called the Sportsball World Series in the most recent season. I’m not sure, but this may have been the first time the Strangers won this thing I mentioned. Now, it’s the official season of what is known as the NFL (Nathanal Sportsball League). Hmm. That might be supposed to be National. I was writing Nathan’s name over and over with hearts dotting the I. Anyway, my concern is that a team called (let me check my notes here) the Dalla Scowlboys might win something called the Sportsball Bowl and make the sports fans in this area insufferable.

Paula Cole – Where have All the Scowlboys Gone?

It’s not that I’m even concerned with the true… what? What do you mean? Yes, hearts dotting the I. Don’t you know that Nathan’s full name is Nathonian? Anyway, it’s not the true fans. They’re just passionate about sports. I don’t get it, but it’s the thing that makes them happy. It’s all good in the helmet. It’s the people who would now want to be part of the cultural movement that would spring up if both major teams (sorry, Rick with your “The Bowlaramas” team, you’re not major) happened to win their championsparkplugs. I promise that joke was not paid for by Champion. Here at According To Whim, we don’t yet have any sort of sponsorsparkplugs. I’m not into sports, but I’m also not into trend chasers, so I don’t want to hear every D&D nerd and PTA parent in existence pretending they’ve always loved Sportsball, because the local teams done good.

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be a Scowlboy

I just realized that there is no T in the Srangers and no L in the Scowboys. That was the line from the tail from the devil heart I put over one of my Nathan’s name doodles. Oops.

I really don’t have an opinion about what’s going on in sports, other than “Screw posers!” In fact, while I was watching “Park Sand Recreation” this morning and I saw that the Bills were playing some other team, all it did was remind me to pay my cell phone bill. For this reason, I will not be making it a normal thing to post about sports.

*many more once a year sports based blog posts are in the works for 2024

Chris McGinty is a sports fan first and a blogger second. Or this is just the introduction to the opposite sketches.

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