Flash Fiction: The Idea Fetish

by Chris McGinty

It was about any idea. Any small idea would do. You simply took any idea that came your way. All ideas could be a true idea this way.

But there were ideas that were a step above. They had more versatility. Maybe more utility. Those ideas were worth having.

What about the ideas that were considered good? You could go far with ideas such as these. People might show some support for this one. You might even get a pat on the back.

Then there are the ideas no one can deny. They don’t ask for clarification and they don’t ask why. They poke you and push you by caliber alone. These are the ideas you want from every brainstorm.

The million dollar idea, baby. The true pinnacle and the one most people ignore. Perhaps out of fear. Perhaps because they don’t know where to start.

But I’m more of a connoisseur. I can appreciate ideas on every level. I view it all holistically. It’s all about the idea, and any idea will do.

Chris McGinty is an idea haver.

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