It’s Starting to Become Like a Journal

by Chris McGinty

I’m out delivering Uber right now. I’ve been making my writing for the night work by every stop that I make at a location whether it be the restaurant or the drop off that I write nine lines into a doc file. Now I’m doing the same thing with the dictation app for this blog post.

What really kind of threw me off for today was that I called and talked to Miguel as I often do on Saturday. I’m really not even too sure what to talk about as far as our discussion. Possibly the most surprising part was that he’s read the first two chapters of The Dead Zone by Stephen King. Miguel is a person who just doesn’t read. Okay fine he reads nonfiction but that’s about it.
What I think is going on with him is that lately he’s been really interested in what influences people’s stories. He seems to be somewhat interested in where Stephen King was influenced by various stories. We ended up discussing quite a few of the books that I’ve actually read, and I kind of gave him sort of my understanding of where the influences came from. I guess we’ll see if he actually finishes The Dead Zone.

I delivered Uber while I was talking to him as well so I’ve been at it pretty much the whole day with a little break for dinner. So perhaps not an exciting day, but in some ways it’s been a productive day. I really will try to actually get some real writing done tomorrow.

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