Feb 5 Blog

by Chris McGinty

It’s funny to me the way that this year is working out in terms of writing and all that sort of stuff. I’m still somewhat amused with the different ideas that I’ve had with flash fiction. I’ve noticed odd themes emerging with some of them, which is interesting enough. Not everything is a direct reaction to whatever it is that I’m talking about on any given day, but there has been some synergistic elements to the stuff I’ve been writing.

As many of you probably know, hi Nathan, I primarily do food delivery to pay my bills. One of the only problems with it is the sometimes huge cost of doing business in car repairs, and I’m doing one of those pretty significant car repairs this week. I saved twice what I needed to make the car repair, since it was so significant. It’s not going to hurt me to do this right now, but that means that for at least a couple weeks I’m going to have to make some of my savings back. Once again I’m threatening to maybe not keep up with this little streak habit, but as always I guess we’ll see. It definitely means a delay in me writing anything that’s any good, not that good writing from me is ever really promised in the first place, but there would be a better chance of it happening if I had more time to write.

I could potentially use the word amused again to describe how much writing I am doing on my phone now, but I’m going to be honest nothing beats sitting down at a computer and typing. So I really miss that part of life, and can’t wait for a chance to do it some more. I still like the fact that there’s an element of just making things work involved here. The work may not be very good, but it’s just interesting to see what you can do when you have a limited time budget. I’m feeling a real sense of experimentation and I have to admit that I enjoy it. Quality writing be damned.

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