The Whole Country for Old Men

by Chris McGinty

There’s a talking point on both sides of the aisle right now that the while each likely candidate for president is old that only the one on the other team is senile and likely to blow up the world with nuclear weapons. They claim that they are too old to run the country, which is a weird claim since the two men in question have been running the country for the last eight years at different times. But now they’re too old. All of a sudden. Just now. Hmm.

I know that if you have picked a side in this argument that you’re already justifying in your head why it is that your old man candidate is the pinnacle of mental health while the other old man candidate is ready for dementia pills. I really don’t care either way. I’m not really buying into this old man argument in the first place. I think they both know what they’re doing, and will probably be just fine for the next four years.

Luckily, we have a mechanism in this country that covers for the eventuality that if someone dies or is mentally unfit to do the job of president, the country can continue to function. The only question I might ask myself were I actually going to vote in the next election is, “Which one, were the 25th Amendment to be legitimately used, would be more likely to accept that they were removed from office legally?”

Other than that, I have no opinion.

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