Flash Fiction: The Hill

by Chris McGinty

A group of people thought to climb a hill, but some stayed at the bottom and never even tried to climb. Some got part of the way up but found themselves falling and rolling back to the bottom. Some got even further up where they found exotic fruits to eat and comfortable ground to lay on and sleep. Some got even further higher than that and found even better amenities. Only a few got to the top and there wasn’t enough room for all of them, but sometimes they would swap places for a while.

The people at the bottom saw the people that got only so far and then fell and rolled back, and they presumed that’s what would happen to them if they tried. They presumed that there must have been some sort of conspiracy and teamwork that allowed the top people to make it as far as they did in the first place, and therefore they would never be able to make it themselves. They congratulated themselves for staying at the bottom where they were comfortable enough, because out of everybody involved they exerted the least energy, and they were doing just fine when you really got down to it.

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