Flash Fiction: The TV Was Bolted to the Stand

by Chris McGinty

The rockstar simply wanted to throw the TV out of the hotel room window, but the TV was bolted to the stand and the window was not openable on a floor this high in the hotel. He called down to the front desk and asked for a screwdriver. When he got an alcoholic drink ten minutes later, he realized two things. The first was that he must already be really drunk if he didn’t realize they would misunderstand his request.

He decided to push the stand to the door instead. It barely fit through, but he managed eventually. At some point, the man in the room next door looked out to see what was going on. There was a hint of judgment in his face. Once the stand was out of the room, he just needed to get it to the elevator, which proved to be difficult as the TV was weighted in such a way that it wanted to tip every time he pushed.

Once he got to the elevator, he rode to the top and struggled to pull the TV and the stand to the stairs going up to the roof. It was right as he was trying to open the door that his manager came out of the elevator followed by a couple of hotel workers.

“Hey, hey. What are you up to tonight?”

“The window doesn’t open.”

“Yeah. I know. There’s a reason I got your room on a higher floor. Listen, we’re going to get you back to your room.

They’re going to carry your TV back. We’re going to get you a good movie to watch…”

“‘Die Hard?'”

“Yeah, sounds good. Then you’re going to sleep it off, ok?”

“Yes. That sounds fun.”

And for the seventh time this tour, disaster was averted. Only two months to go.

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