Proposed Season Three Format

by Chris McGinty
Well, it snowed a whole lot here in Fort Worth/Dallas. Well, it snowed a lot for here. I’m glad I’m not delivering pizza anymore. I’d have to be out in this crap. Nathan called me a wuss for not wanting to drive out there Thursday night. I’m pretty sure he was kidding. I explained that my truck is a wuss. I wasn’t kidding.

So I spoke about Season Three in my last blog. I would like to clarify what it is that we’re supposed to be doing, because some how over the last four and something years it’s become as complicated as everything we do, because we here at ATW Enterprissy don’t follow one of the simplest formulas for accomplishment.

Think of something to do. Do it. Think of something else to do. Do it. Think of yet another thing to do. Yeah, you got it now.

Now don’t start with all the arguments against it like, “But if you doing all thet ther low priority sturf and never do important sturf then you rully doesn’t accomplish that much douz ya?” Cos I agree. I am for prioritization. I’m for doing the right thing at the right time and all that.

What my thought was for the Season was to list a basic outline for the storyline and then start shooting it. I wanted a weekly get together at Nathan’s in which the following would happen. I would sit down at the computer and script the next scene and then we would shoot the scene. We would do our best to stick with the storyline, but we would do what it was that we could do, that day, with the people and resources we had.

In this way if we had an idea that involved Miguel it would only get done if Miguel was available. If not we would figure out where to go instead story wise. The sketches that were not part of the storyline would be shot whenever, and inserted wherever they worked.

My theory was that we could get Miguel when we needed him if we kept his part small enough, and when I wanted to include the light saber scene I figured the fact that he would get to use a light saber would be enough.

The other sort of important idea here was that while I thought it would be good to stick with the six episodes, per season, format, I was thinking more along the line that if a story line ended mid season, or overlapped seasons that it would be ok. It would just be part of the mayhem.

The first season was shot, except one episode, by basically shooting material haphazardly until it was done. What was to be the second season was supposed to work much the same way, but as we would shoot it sequentially, we could build a story as we went.

Let me go on record that in spite of all the shit I give Nathan about Season Two, I do think it was very good. And I did enjoy shooting it and everything. But even Nathan would have to admit that it got a bit complicated somewhere along the way. It might just be a lack of time focused on the project in the last half of the year. I’m sure that if we had met weekly, and did some sort of work on Season Two each time, that we would be done by now. I’m just kind of wary about getting into another Season that gets stalled because of specific script requirements.

I don’t know what Nathan thinks of all of this. He did start writing scripts for Season Three, and truth be known it probably doesn’t hurt anything, even as this formula for production goes. If we start shooting sequentially we can simply follow along as best we can. It would require us letting go of some of our prior habits of show work, but I think it would make the overall goal of completing new episodes easier.

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