Tonight’s Meeting

by Chris McGinty

It’s 6:42 am. I should be in bed. I’m supposed to go to Nathan’s work at 4:00 pm today and shoot scenes with Jonathan for Season Two. I think I’m going to actually have to shave for this. I guess I’ll grow the “beard,” if that’s what you want to call it, back out for the beginning of Season Three.

So why am I up if I have such important things to be doing? That last sentence was more passive than a peacenik on Valium playing Farmville. Oh that’s what it was. I was working on my blog.

As I said before, Nathan has this odd belief that I’m not doing anything with my time. This belief is founded in reality, but that’s not the point. I do actually work on things at times. Usually the wrong times, like when I should be sleeping, but I do work on things at times.

One thing we will discuss tonight is our next Ten Weeks goals. The first Ten Weeks of the year are running from 12-28-09 to 3-7-10. That’s almost over. The next Ten Weeks will run from 3-8-10 to 5-16-10. The basic idea here is to have goals that are long term enough to span one fifth of the year, but short enough not to get eternally put off. These can then be broken down into weekly and daily goals. I use a 70 page notebook with one day assigned to each page. I use it with varying degrees of success.

One goal that I’ve had that I’ve been neglecting that I’m starting this week is to write one “longer” blog a week. This idea was there before we decided to do this daily blog, but this is for shorter thoughts mostly, and news updates about our site.

My plan is to have a Sunday deadline for said “longer” blog, and it will be housed on the website; cos My Space is a barren wasteland, and Facebook has no dedicated blog function. If I’m going to have to link to another site anyway, it might as well be ours.

The two blogs I’m working on right now are both video game “reviews,” but I wish you to note that I totally threw up some quotes there. These won’t be the type of reviews you read in Game Informer, which is a great magazine, but they’re kind of obligated to inform us about games. And I’m not.

I started the Guitar Hero 5 review a while back, but I haven’t played the game for nearly a month, so I stopped writing it. I’ve been taking notes for the Farmville review, and I started it this evening.

I think both are good blogs so far, and I’d tell you if I didn’t think so. Since this blog site allows you to easily edit previous blogs, I will come back here when I have them posted up and link them. I’ll also write a quick one here telling you folks that they’re up. That’s all I can give you right now. I’m going to bed.

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