According To Whim: The Audio Show

By Nathan Stout

Jump into the Time Tunnel, quick!

Ok, welcome to 1999 poser. I am living in far West Fort Worth (off of 820 in the Hills Apartments) and I am browsing the tube (uh, no not YouTube, it didn’t exist yet). I come across channel 46, it’s Fort Worth public access. This dorky show called Sniffles is on and these two doofuses are acting all dumb and shit. Then at the end of the show is an email address…

Do I take the blue pill or the red pill…

I took… which ever pill to email Miguel… man oh man, if there are moment where you can say ‘that decision changed my life’ I would have to say that was one of them.

So began my relationship with Miguel and Chris. For the most part Sniffles was over but the two had begun a new project: According To Whim. An audio show (a pod cast if you will) where the topic of day was anything and everything. The location, anywhere. They would talk in a room, on the road, walking the dog (not what your thinking you dirty minded fool), etc.

I started guest staring soon thereafter. I must admit I was never a substitute for either Miguel or Chris but I tried my best. They both had somewhat similar tastes so their banter was a little more natural.

Get back into the time tunnel and move ahead a year or two. All these 90 minute tapes were sitting about at Miguel’s house and I had an idea. Originally they had planned to eventually get all the audio shows online. In fact Miguel got several episodes encoded in Real Media files. I started playing with the other shows (playing with formats, bitrates, etc).

I got quite a few more up online on the web but there were still a lot more to do. To this day there is probably several tapes far beneath all the crap that sits in Miguel’s room. Anyway, over the years I added more and more shows and played with the site to make it as easy to use as possible.

Miguel was less and less available and eventually it was basically me and Chris. Like I said earlier I feel the shows with me lack the charm of the original duo but I do my best. Chris and I have continued making the show about anything and everything. Lately we have been doing some ‘business based’ shows where we are discussing what we each need to do each week to make the website/show/miscellaneous projects successful. It’s probably not very interesting to the casual listener but we thought it would be a neat thing to do (especially if we make it big one day).

Chris and I hope to continue the audio shows (along with all our projects) and make them all a success and at least mildly entertaining. Please take a listen, you might giggle a bit.

What? You are still stuck in the early 2000’s? Well, jump back into the time tunnel, you poser.

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