Chris’s Poem: Photo Affects

Photo Affects

I set the shot for another take
And I think I thought to shutter to think
Something happy and something so strange
Something to drive a drinking man to drink

And I asked you to turn a bit more right
As the night started to lose the fight to the day
It’s pretty looking so close
When you become afraid to look away

No guidelines, no rule book
No outline or plot structure
This could affect you
And I’m sure it already has

I signaled for a quick break
I hit the power button to watch the light go out
Found a bottle of reality checks to take
And I don’t want to see you hanging about

But I wanted to sit down so close to you
I wanted to tell you it meant something more
More to me than more to you than more than anyone we may share
But instead I walked out the door

No talks, no negotiations
No contract, no license
This could affect me
And I’m sure it already has

I looked some place
Just for the moment
And you were standing behind me
In the ever unlikely

So I ran in to grab the camera
I knew I would need something to remind
I found the place where you once stood
And found nothing left to find

And I wanted to fade away with you
I wanted to tell you it meant something more
More than any monumental failure
But instead I walked back through the door

No friends, no enemies
No prospects or future plans
This could affect us
And I’m sure it already has

– Chris McGinty – 2-20-10 – 12:49 pm

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