A Windy Day for Season Two

by Chris McGinty
It’s raining, which explains the title, unless I changed the title, and then it doesn’t make any sense at all, unless I changed it to something which still makes sense, in which case: It’s raining, which explains the title. But as someone said, very recently, rain makes for good sleep; and I’m about to do just that. I merely wished to check in here and give Nathan the weekend off from posting. He has three blogs ready to go, or close to it, but obviously if he had to use two of them this weekend then he would have to get to writing much sooner.

I have wanted to discuss Thursday a little bit, but I haven’t, so now would be a good time. I woke up at somewhere around 2:00pm (don’t know how I made it through the day getting up so early) and I called Nathan. I had to ask him if I could borrow $10 for gasoline until next meeting. Ugh. If I post this, my word against his won’t stand up in court. Oh well, I’ll pay him back this time.

I drove into Decatur, which took me about forty-five minutes all told, and I pulled off to put the last $2.67 in change that I had so that I wouldn’t run out of gas. I called Nathan when I was done and explained that I was exiting the freeway. As luck would have it, he was approaching the same intersection, so I pulled in behind him, yelling “Team Ranger” (not kidding) and followed him to the noisiest park in the country of Texas.

Well it wasn’t the park so much. Sure there were people, but they weren’t that noisy really. It was the fact that every emergency vehicle in Decatur was running lights and sirens throughout the shoot, trains were making sure that drivers were warned of their approach throughout the shoot, and the wind was blowing as hard as wind is allowed to blow without being considered a storm throughout the shoot.

That’s the new fortune cookie game, “You will experience tough times and obstacles… throughout the shoot.”

Jonathan was with Nathan, and we got to work. Jonathan plays the part of a random bum in Season Two who gets advice about begging from Chris, and then returns to give Chris some money from his spoils. Chris is begging for money for gas, because he has no job. Yes, some of you already see it.

Anyway, Jonathan did a great job. His acting was good. He didn’t make the mistake of overdoing it, and was still convincing. Most importantly he had taken the time to memorize his lines, which weren’t too plentiful, but he was still one step ahead of me.

And after shooting the scene where Chris begs for gas money, Nathan handed me $10 for gas money, which I really needed. Then I met him back at his house.

He showed me the most recently edited footage, which ranged from good to great. The part that I really enjoyed was the “resolution of the scratch off ticket” scene. When you finally get to see Season Two, you will understand. One of the funniest scenes I’ve seen so far, ranking up there with the magic carpet dream, and the Nathan’s Revenge on Brainbox scene.

There is more about Thursday I could discuss, but we’ll leave the theme of this blog the Season Two work. And I’m sure when we’re done, we’ll link the scene for you to see, or maybe if Nathan’s so inclined he’ll make a preview segment.

One last bit about the shoot, just to toot my own horn for being funny. At some point a woman started calling for someone named Dylan, who we correctly assumed to be a kid. Three kids started walking away from the park and one of them yelled that he was on his way. We were setting up a shot, so the footage wasn’t disturbed, and one of the kids asked what we were doing. Nathan told him we were shooting a show. The kid asked if it was for TV and Nathan said that it was for the internet. The kid seemed disappointed, but I said, “Yeah, so go look up our site, Dylan.”

Well, Nathan and Jonathan found it funny.

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