Sunday, Rainy Sunday

by Chris McGinty
It’s Monday, and it’s supposed to snow tonight. That’s why I went ahead and used yesterday’s blog title again, unless of course I changed yesterday’s blog title, in which case it is now just today’s blog title.

Yesterday, provided that by the time I’m done with this Nathan hasn’t posted one of his blogs at the ready, in which case two days ago, I discussed our Thursday night meeting and dealt with all the Season Two related stuff. Today, I would like to deal briefly with a few of the other things we discussed.

One thing we discussed is my new weekly blog which will be posted to the site. These are longer blogs that would not fit so well here. I set myself a Sunday deadline each week, and started a week ago on installment number one. I did have it finished before midnight, but the editing ran it a little late. I will send it to Nathan today, so he may make a page for it. It’s called [something, something] Farmville (Part One). All the section titles are pretty good though, even if the blog title will likely suck.

Nathan wanted to do an album review together, which is actually a really good idea. I think he was intending it for this blog, but I think I will suggest doing it for my weekly blog. Oh neat! I just did suggest it. I know that what I write will be a lot longer than what he writes, cos it will be, so I thought maybe what we could do is I’ll write mine with some historical factoids about whichever album we choose (Don’t Be Afraid, I’ll probably suggest one in some obscure way) along with opinions on the music. Then we can have a section like in Game Informer where it says “Second Opinion” and it will contain Nathan’s review, but will call it “Sekund Opynion” so no clothing manufacturers barf up on our shoes.

I don’t know. We’ll discuss it. I’m just trying to fill out a blog here.

We discussed some personal goals, and some show goals. We’ll have to make a point to blog about those in the coming weeks, but for now, I’m going to finish this up and send Nathan the other blog. For point of reference this blog is about 400 words. The other one is about 3,200. But it’s good. So I suggest you read it, you know, once it’s up.

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