Creating Controversy Up In Here

by Nathan Stout (of

How do I handle this? Well let me start by saying that I think the following things are fact:

  • Everyone is racist.
  • Homosexuality is a choice.

How can I argue for these things… here is how.
Scientist believe that we (human) have evolved from lower life forms and those changes are mainly due to outside influences. We are built of DNA and that DNA still has a certain influence on us. For instance our body feels the need to store food when we get a glut of calories to protect us from famine. This has been accepted as a trait that we humans have carried from our earlier days.

The reason I think that homosexuality is a choice is because the nature of procreation. Just like our bodies store fat to protect us from starvation we are given the drives to procreate to carry our DNA and it is silly to think that homosexuality is a natural formation of our DNA. Homosexuality serves no purpose. It goes against the very need of procreation. I think that homosexuality is a combination of external influences and choices. Some of those influences and choices might be difficult and even forced but I don’t think in normal circumstances do people come out of the womb a homosexual. This of course leads to the argument that true (from the womb) homosexuality is an abnormality. That opens a whole nother can of worm but that’s not what brought to the table to argue.

I think from the same genetic makeup and tendencies everyone is racist. I am assuming that it has something to do with the same parts of our genetic makeup that tells up to procreate… to carry on our genes. I think that something inside us (even if it is in the most minuscule way) tells us that those who look like us should have the advantage over those who do not look like us. Chris and I have had this argument before and he claims up and down that people aren’t born into this world as racist but I think otherwise. Like I said I think it’s a genetic thing. My wife will never understand what I see in boobs. In fact no woman can see what we men see in the body parts of the opposite sex… that’s just a fact. There are genetic tendencies that tell me to look at these parts because they have some bearing on mating. I think that racism is built into our genetic code in the same manner. There is no way to prove or disprove this unless you did some sort of radical experiment.

I think I stirred up enough controversy for one day. One think to keep in mind before you try telling me how evil I am… you will note I never said any of these issues were good or bad, right or wrong. It just something to think about.

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