Interview with Iraklis with LudiCreations (gaming publisher)

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As apart of our 60 day board game Kickstarter Project: Rise of the Rock Star we have lined up a few interviews with some people who are near and dear to our hearts… those from the gaming community. This interview is a ‘bonus’ marking one week until liftoff!

Today I am ‘sitting down’ with Iraklis, a game publisher (LudiCreations) who was kind enough to answer some questions for us. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer a few.

What got you into game publishing?
I was always interested in the business side of board games. So, when I found out how “the sausage is made”, I decided to give it a shot.

What got you into Kickstarter?
Lack of capital. It is just impossible to launch a new game without it. The larger companies have their media relations and standing distribution agreements, and so they can afford to bankroll a game. We can’t.

Can you tell us about the game you currently have running on KS?
Sure. Gear & Piston is a simple yet engaging set-collection, worker-management & tile-laying game that allows the players to invent and develop the first cars, at the birth of the automobile industry. It’s already met its funding goal and is steadily achieving stretch goals. You can see the video and the rules on the Kickstarter page, and there you can also play it online on BGA, a first for a Kickstarter game.

Did you experience any failed Kickstarters, if so how many?
Not first-hand, no. I have researched a few failed ones, and talked to other creators.

What do feel worked the best for your Kickstarter?
Engagement with backers. It is important to keep them informed and excited, while at the same time not blabbering in the updates. Also, giving a reasonable number of inclusions with every pledge.

What do you feel didn’t work at all?
I can more easily answer that question when the campaign ends, but it doesn’t look like we got much love from BGG. We also expect fulfilment to take time, so we are going to start early and make sure that we do it right.

What are your favourite games?
Ticket to Ride, Power Grid, Small World, Peloponnes, Dominion.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Just to thank our backers for believing in us, and to thank the members of the team that made this happen. It takes a village to make a game.

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