Board Game Review: Enchanted Forest

by Nathan Stout (of

Today I am going to look at Ravensburger’s Enchanted Forest. This is a memorizing game for the younger set but it still can be fun for anyone. Any game can be fun if you bring the fun to the game.


Move about the forest with dice trying to match the symbols under the trees with the symbol on the top card of the stack which sits in the castle.


Players move around the board and land on spaces that allow them to look at the symbol under the tree. The symbols relate to different Fairy Tales you may (or may not) know. Over on the castle spot of the board there is a stack of cards. You start the game by flipping the top card over. You move around the board, looking for the Fairy Tale symbol that is on that top card and one of the many trees. Once you have found the symbol you are one step closer to winning. You need 3 to win.


Ravensburger is a German game company and they make the nicest, highest quality game parts I have ever seen. The box alone is twice as thick as any other board game manufacturer out there! The pawns and tree pieces are also well made and the board is excellent and thick as well. You just can’t get better than a Ravensburger game.


Eat lots of memory food. That’s all I can suggest. You just need to move around as much as possible to get a glance at as many trees as possible. Easy enough!

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