Interview with George Call (musician/singer)

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Today we are going to switch gears and move from our game designers/publishers to the other aspect of our Kickstarter: Rise of the Rock Star board game (please show us some support!). Yep, we are interviewing a real Rock and Roll star! Without further adieu we give you George Call,

George Call is the lead vocalist & guitarist in the band ASKA as well as for Banshee, and Violent storm.

Were you a founding member of ASKA?
I was one half of the founding members of ASKA. Darren Knapp, who appeared on the first four albums was the other. Darren and I had actually played together in pretty much everyone of our high school bands, so ASKA was almost the inevitable conclusion. We released our first album in 1991.

What can you tell us about the band?
We rock! (haha!) Actually, we’re a four piece traditional or power metal band. We started the band as guys transplanted from the former U.S. Canal Zone to the mainland and, though that membership is long gone, the band continues rolling on with 38 countries toured and a 6th album, FIRE EATER, due this September 2013.

What can you tell us about the music?
Well, we take all that is cool about Judas Priest and all that is cool about Iron Maiden and all that is cool in metal music with melodic singing period and we mix it all up, give it our voice and soul and boom – you’ve got ASKA.

Can you talk to us about the overall themes of the lyrics?
The lyrics range the gamut. We have songs about broken relationships, insanity, war, infidelity, religion, murder, betrayal. I like to think that lyrically, we’re a little deeper than the “We rule cuz we are metal, party, party, party, let’s have sex!” type lyrics. Nothing wrong with that but I write for the adult, more complex listener. We’ve all grown up with this music. Many of us have married, divorced, taken on mortgages, have lost people close to us…. you know – we’ve grown up. So I want to interact with my audience as contemporaries. Know what I mean?

Wikipedia says that ASKA toured for the United States Department of Defense. Can you tell us about that?
We toured for the Dept. of Defense for about 8 years. We played all over the world for troops stationed abroad just about anywhere you can think of and places you can’t. Had a blast doing it and the band played out live so much that we were lethal onstage! One of the greatest experiences of this band’s career was touring for the troops. Ask any guy that was in the band, past or present, during that period and they will tell you it was one of the greatest times of their life.

What are the band’s future plans?
Like Raven once sang: Rock until you drop! Immediately, and as said earlier, there is album number 6 due in September. On May 3rd our third album, “Nine Tongues” was rereleased by Pure Steel Records on CD and on vinyl for the first time. And we’ve been busy doing shows here and there throughout the US. We’ll get back to Europe once the new record is released.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Yes. Thanks for your time, thank you ASKA and George Call fans and you can find and buy our music online or by contacting me directly at Our facebook is and our regular website is Stop in and visit! Take care and see you at the shows!

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