Monday Junk

by Nathan Stout (of

  • I installed my favorite game once again (after a good year-long hiatus). I now have a 21″ monitor and the game doesn’t look that great all stretched and zoomed in. Other than that, it is still a fantastic game!
  • I had some Mochi ice cream this weekend. Dang weird Japanese. It’s a ball of chocolate ice cream covered in this gooey material (dusted with something). It’s OK… nothing to write in a blog about… doh!
  • Why does Costco have gas station attendants? I don’t ever see them doing anything. I guess they stand around out there to help people but I can’t imagine what they can do. By now everyone knows how to pump gas from a pay at the pump station.
  • Speaking of gas, the OPEC guys are saying that gas will never go below 100$ again. That’s fine with me. They want to shut down US oil manufacturing (read: competition). True there will be many lost jobs in the field but in the long run we (consumers) save LOTS of money and we can spend it to help our economy and we (as a nation) save our natural resources. Sounds fine.
  • 3 weeks to Disney World…

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