An Interview in the future… 2016

by Nathan Stout and Chris McGinty (of According To

CHRIS: By Chris McGinty and Nathan Stout… So Nathan, you say you want to start writing for the blog again. Tell me about that.



NATHAN: Is this in script format?


NATHAN: I was just looking at our websites and noticed that people don’t use the internet like they used to. People hardly use PCs anymore. Its all phones and tablets. In fact, I’d say that our website is more ‘non-mainstream’ now than it has ever been. It’s ‘A Little Underground’. Congratulations Chris!

CHRIS: Neat. I think we should write another serial. Whattaya say, pal?

NATHAN: I don’t know about that. I’d just assume help you finish one of the many rambling projects you already have started… like “Zombie Death Force, Go!” Te he. Sure… Maybe… well… I think.

CHRIS: So that sounds like a yes. So Chris and Nathan are going to an online college, playing cyber paint ball, when they end up in a deep cover espionage adventure. Or we can do the Kickstarter for “Zombie Death Force, Go! Either way.”

NATHAN: Okay, sounds good to me. Who knows maybe we will finally have a successful Kickstarter.

CHRIS: So if we do this blog again, we should go to either a three post a week, or five post a week, format. Since there’s not really a readership for the blog, there’s no real reason to knock ourselves out trying to post every day. As far as the website is concerned, I feel like the bigger problem than even everyone being on their phones is just the massive amount of content available at all times to all people. There really isn’t a reason for them to come back to our website or blog, even if they enjoyed one article or aspect of what we did. Maybe everything we write needs to end with us begging for followers and subscribers, because that seems to be what works.

NATHAN: Well, you see I came to this conclusion about these sites and blogs… I enjoy doing them… for my own selfish reasons. I know no one is going to come and stay, but I still enjoy creating all this content. It’s our little kingdom on the internet.

CHRIS: Fair. But I think that readers would be a good motivator for us to keep writing. Empires are built on a business plan, or the blood of dead soldiers. I’m just saying that we have no one to send off to get killed, so we need a good plan.

NATHAN: Faire enough… that means I don’t want to go back to Scarborough Faire btw…

CHRIS: I think you would like Covenant, Nathan. So anyway, I guess this concludes one of our most confusing, and pointless, dual interviews yet. I think we accomplished a lot here today. I can’t wait to see what other wonderfully questionable things we write in this “Brave New World” of blog posting. I think you’d like Covenant, Nathan. I really do.

NATHAN: Where… is the Save Button?

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