Review: Tara Macri

by Chris McGinty of

Since I started using Twitter,
I’ve been somewhat intentionally not following people too fast. My experience
started out with the writing community taking up a large part of my feed. I
finally started branching out a bit, as I got involved in a couple of conversations
that weren’t about writing.

Somewhere along the way, I
followed @TaraMacri. I’m not sure which thread it was, but I got a DM from her
with a link to her song “Baby You Got Me.”
I was a bit worried at first,
because it’s not one of my go to genres. I have to really like something about
the singer or the song to want to listen. There was no question that she’s got
a good voice, but what about the track? I found myself grooving along. It had a
great chorus without being overstated.
It’s also got a cute video with
her spending a day with someone who is the POV of the camera. I thought it was
a cool concept.
Tara Macri – Baby You Got Me
I replied to let her know I liked
it: “Very good. Not the easiest genre to impress me
with, but I actually really like the song. Cute video too. Thank you for
sending it.”
And my problem is that I should
have just let it go at that. Go on with my day. Maybe listen to some Pink
Floyd. Nope.
I went on to search her other
tracks and started listening. I found this live performance, which I enjoyed a
Tara Macri – Prettiest Girl in
the Room
I was glad to find live videos. I
think live music gives you a good sense of the artist and the artistry. I decided
after watching the live performance to start writing this review, because I
have nothing bad to say.
And then… then there was this one.
Tara Macri – Cardboard Castle
“Cardboard Castle” would have
caught my attention if I was walking through a store and heard it overhead.
It’s got a great chorus, great arrangement, and she sounds… well, great. I
guess if the descriptive fits.
Thank you, Tara, for letting me
know about your music.
She’s on Spotify. I added “Cardboard
Castle” to my regular rotation. It’ll be there for a long while.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who is
often mistaken as not liking pop music, but the truth is he’s a fan of good pop
music. It’s more of a feeling than a genre.

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