Going Down a Rabbit Hole

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I wrote a blog post touching
briefly on the idea of the internet not interesting me the first couple of
years that I was truly aware of it. What changed my mind was being able to
listen to music not normally available to me and reading work that wasn’t published
by the then normal means.

The rabbit hole is another thing that is
probably not a new experience, but to me the way that it happens on the
internet is endlessly entertaining.
Have you ever had a conversation
with someone, and at some point three hours into the conversation you find
yourself backtracking the conversation to figure out how you possibly got onto
the subject of using tallow to make soap and candles when you distinctly
remember that you were discussing the most recent episode of “The Adam Carolla Show”
at the start of the conversation? Sorry, that’s oddly specific, but surely
you’ve had that kind of conversation.
The wonderful thing about the
internet is that even when you’ve gotten older and you no longer get to stay up
all night having these conversations with your loser friends, you can sit up
and be a loser on your own. Have you ever wondered how you got to those videos
of women who are asking men to send them money and in return they’ll insult
them and make them feel useless? Well, I’m still wondering how exactly I got
there. I started out reading about debt reduction and ways to make money on the
internet. I think I got distracted by the “Hey, I’ll see what this cute woman
in the recommended box has to say on the subject” without realizing exactly
what I was getting myself into.
I think the best internet rabbit
holes are when you clearly remember starting off reading Mark Rosewater’s
Q&A blog, and something said in the comments gets you to look up something
you were unaware of, and three hours later you’re wondering exactly how you
ended up listening to Malcolm X being interviewed. Or some other version of
“How the hell did I get here?”
I’ve heard people use other terms
than “rabbit hole” to describe these excursions. I prefer “rabbit hole” because
I’m a fan of “Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland.” If you’ve never read the book, I highly recommend it
and its follow up “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.”
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
made the mistake of looking up baseball player Dave Parker after a summer long
rabbit hole of theme writing just to see what Mr. Parker looks like now. Google
now believes that Chris McGinty is a blogger who wants baseball scores sent to
his phone. He doesn’t. He truly doesn’t.

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