So You’re Going to Vote Major Party Anyway?

 by Chris McGinty of

For the last two elections I
haven’t been too thrilled about the two major party candidates. I’ve said, very
seriously, that in 2016 if I’d been forced to vote I would have voted for Jill
Stein; but if I’d been forced to vote for either Trump or Clinton, I would have
flipped a coin. I hated both as possible presidents. I would have felt someone
undeserving became president no matter who won. This year, if I was forced to
vote, I would likely check out the third party prospects again, and vote for
one if I found someone even remotely worthy. That’s how little I think of our
two major party candidates for 2020. There is a slight difference this year
though, which is to say that I clearly favor Biden over Trump. I won’t vote for
Biden, because I would rather not vote unless I’m voting for someone I believe
worthy. Joe Biden is not Barrack Obama the way that George HW Bush was not
Ronald Reagan. Also, Stryker was not Adam Carolla, but it was ok as long as Dr.
Drew was there. Good times, Drew.

I’ve been considering my thoughts
about what people should do if they insist on voting for a major party
candidate. I think the advice is different this year than four years ago. I’ve
just been trying to figure out how to say it without sounding like I’m
specifically for Biden. Let me bullet point some thoughts:

– I’m not anti-Republican.

– I’m not anti-Democrat.

– I’m pro third party, but not for
all third parties.

– I won’t vote third party just to
vote against the major parties.

– I will vote third party if I
believe a candidate worthy.

– I am a never Trump to the same
extent that I was a never Hillary.

– I would have changed my mind
about Trump if I felt he did a good job, overall.

– I don’t believe that Trump was
all bad, but if I was even remotely on the fence about him, his COVID-19
beliefs and policies pushed me off the fence. Luckily, the facemask stopped the
nosebleed when I hit the ground.

– If Trump had worked for US
infrastructure and worked to reduce the US debt, I would have a more favorable
view of his presidency.

– I have a genuine belief that
unless we have a clearly strong, uniting president that maybe we shouldn’t have
so many two-term presidents.

So with all that said, I don’t
believe that anyone should vote for Trump just because they dislike Biden.
There are reasons to vote for Trump, but I don’t think that using Trump as an
anti-Biden vote is equivalent to using Trump as an anti-Clinton vote. We’ve
seen what four years of Trump actually looked like, and I don’t believe they
have been good. Maybe you disagree with me, and so I’m going to use more bullet
points to make it clear what I’m saying here:

– Obviously, anyone with blind
loyalty to the Republicans will vote Trump the same way that anyone with blind
loyalty to the Democrats will vote for Biden. Not much to say there.

– If you support Trump, and truly
believe deep down that he is a good leader, then absolutely vote for Trump. I
may not agree with you, but if he’s your ideal leader then go for it. It’s what
democracy is about and I’ll even go so far as to say I support your decision.

– If you don’t support Trump, and
if you don’t believe he has proved a good leader, do not vote for him just to
be anti-Biden. Vote for anyone else, or do what I’m doing and don’t vote. Just
don’t reelect someone you do not feel is worthy for fear of the unknown. The
devil you know is not always the best devil.

– Since the Electoral College
chooses our president, we need to be clear what our wishes are. If the election
gets stolen, it needs to look ridiculous.

I’ll give an example of this. I
actually liked Bush in 2000, but not enough to vote for him. I hate Al Gore as
a politician. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in real life, but I truly dislike his
politics, which says something since I’m an environmentalist. I refused to vote
against Gore though. I would have only voted Bush if I truly believed his
policies were in line with my political priorities. If Bush had simply said
those three little words, “Smash the PMRC!” he would have had my vote.

I’m just saying that knowing who
Trump is if you wouldn’t vote for him under normal circumstances, don’t vote
for him. I believe the same thing about Biden, but I think this year that
foolishly voting for Biden just to be anti-Trump isn’t equivalent to foolishly voting for
Trump just to be anti-Biden. I believe that I’m being rational and logical
saying that. Maybe I’m not. I just know that a potential second Trump term
feels even less reasonable than the first time around did.

Once again, if you support Trump,
I’m not specifically trying to talk you out of voting for him. You do what you
feel is right for the nation. I support your choice, even if I don’t agree with
it. Just don’t fall for the “lesser of two evils” lie this time around if you
think he’s bad.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who
feels there is only one thing left to do, and that is to ding a ding dang my
dang a long ling long. Go fuck yourself, Tipper.

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