Six Flags Over Texas 2019 / 2020 – Visit 5/6

by Nathan Stout (of 

I am going to be covering 2 trips to Six Flags this time due to some rainy weather that cut one trip short.

I took my daughter back in June and the park was open but it was raining the whole time we were there and we only got on the carousel. This was our first ‘post lock down’ trip so we had to make reservations to keep with the State’s capacity limits. They had temperature check and plenty of sanitizer throughout the park. The next month our family went to Disneyworld and it was pretty much the same setup.

As you can see from the picture it was super empty. Mainly the rain and partly the limits. Pity we couldn’t ride anything.

I had been keeping up with the Six Flags group and there had been reports from people saying you didn’t need to bring your refillable mug since they were not actually touching your cup for health reasons, so I didn’t. When I went to get a drink the person said I had to have my cup so I was unable to get a free refill. We walked the whole circuit of the park and used a snack credit to get a funnel cake and I had to pay for a bottle of water ($5!). We left after that.

2 admissions 42.50 + 36.50 (kid) (comparison) = 79.00

1 bottle water (actually paid for it) 5.00
1 snack 10.81

The next trip was September 28th. I took my daughter again for a do-over. We reserved for 2:15 and planned on leaving at 6pm. Six Flags has temporarily changed their dining plan to a new time schedule. You must have your 2 meals 3 hours apart. This is fine with me. The crowds were still pretty low compared to pre-COVID days. We rode Mine Train, Mini Mine Train, Caddo Bardge, Shockwave, Gunslinger, Twister, La Vibora, and Log Ride.

The lines were very short with the only real wait being La Vibora and Conquistidor. The wait for the Shockwave and Twister was mainly due to the cleaning they do. I found it interesting that they were no longer splitting up people on the Shockwave. All the other rides were still breaking up people.

We ate our first meal at Ma Hunkle’s in Gotham. I got the foot long corny dog and fries. It was really good. The best meal I have had there. On the way out we stopped off at the All American Cafe for some chicken strips and fries to take on the road.

The most enjoyable ride of the day was the Log Ride. I hope they don’t rip it out…

Apparently this trip was right before Sixflags decided to test a virtual queue system. I have heard lots of complaints so I think I’ll just avoid the park until Holiday in the Park in November. I’m not into the Halloween theming too much so it’s fine with me.

2 admissions 42.50 + 36.50 (kid) (comparison) = 79.00
2 meal 28.06
1 snack 7.50?

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