Learning a New Skill for the New Blog

You All Everybody,

It’s me, your old pal Chris. Nathan setup our site using WordPress, which I’m super excited about, as long as you don’t count my basic resistance to new software and technology. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that I really want to post blogs.

Unlike Nathan, I’m going to use Word to write my posts and then transfer them over to the blog, so my experience will likely be different than his. Also, I got a pop-up message explaining that this thing will be using “blocks” for the different sections of the blog posts. I opened up the tutorial, which I will look at later. Right now, I’m just trying out to see what the most basic post might look like. Later, I’ll see if I can figure out the details.

For all of my resistance to new stuff, I basically realize that every skill a person could learn is just a small amount of practice each day; including, repetition of things already learned, introduction to new items of learning, and feedback of some form (in this case seeing whether the post looks right).

Almost nothing that you sit down to do has to be perfect the first time you do it – maybe just condoms and verifying codes before starting nuclear war. Everything else you can learn and iterate until it feels like you’ve always known how to do it.


Chris McGinty

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