Goodwill Bins Haul 10/21/20

by Nathan Stout (of I had to make a trip to Bedford so I made it a point to swing down to South Fort Worth to the Goodwill Outlet. When all was said was done I had 27lbs which cost 1.57 a lb.

I found some great stuff for the hour and a half that I was there:

  • White Mountain Puzzles (3): Food we at as kids (my fav), the 1970’s and the 1960’s. White mountain are makers of quality puzzles. I will be doing the Food one for sure. The boxes seem to be complete but you never know…
  • Games: Rush Hour Deluxe, Gobblet (a heavy wooden game), Barrel full of Monkeys, and Seafarers of Catan: UPDATE Sold for $8.00. This game was really incomplete, but I took the parts out and decided to sell on Ebay. I also spied a Risk Godstorm that was all broken open. I picked up as many of the little figures as I could (300+) and put them Ebay too. UPDATE: Sold for $14.00.
  • Toys: A Imaginex Pizza Planet Toy Story Truck, a Ken, a wooden snake, Battle for the Alamo army men, and some other bits and pieces.
  • Miscellaneous: A ceramic vintage Donald Duck, Some dollhouse stuff, a skeleton key too. A ton of baby rattles and some baby toys. We sell that stuff at the Just Between Friends sales that my wife and I do. Don’t forget the tub to haul it off with. There are always tubs that were donated so you just grab one and get going.

I have estimated that the stuff that I am selling out of this batch will be more than double the cost of the whole haul. So basically you go there and get junk and sell some of that junk to pay for the junk you kept… but it’s NEAT junk!

It seems that an hour and half is the usual amount of time I spend there and I seem to get a tub full of stuff during that time. I plan to go back next week when I have to go to Haltom City. I’ll post what I find then.

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