Goodwill Bins Haul 11/15/20

by Nathan Stout (of

Sunday is a day of rest… unless you are digging through bins of broken glass and old DVD sets of ’24’ with random disks missing. But who knows what treasures you might find?

My wife and I hit the bins before dinner (it’s funner when you have someone to bounce ideas off of). We met the typical scene with the same old people who live there. I swear my hauls will be 10 times greater if we lucked out and all those people were out for the day. Anyway I hit the isles hard and fast with my trusty leather gloves. In the end we did a bit of bickering on what she wanted to keep (I veto the heavy junk) but overall it was a decent haul (for reselling anyway).

  • Some clothes (blah)
  • A bunch of toddler/infant toys for our just between sale coming up soon UPDATE: After the sale and all it’s fees, we made $70 off the toys
  • A neato metal British Telephone Booth coin bank. I have decided to keep all my ‘actual found’ money from the Bins in here.
  • A vintage can of coca (that is now sitting on Ebay) UPDATE: Sold for $29
  • Some music CDs including Duran Duran’s Decade and The Essential Kenny Loggins along with some Southwest/New Age stuff. Note, throw out the cases, they are heavy, just take the CDs (unless it is Duran Duran, then you are not allowed to).
  • Books (blah, a bit of bicker went on here, books are heavy)
  • A couple of kid games
  • Lots of kids today including Lincoln logs (to supplement our set), lots of army men-type figures (cowboys, wizards, dinosaurs, etc)
  • Some cheap action figure vehicles you see at Walmart. They make great outside toys for the kids to destroy.
  • A Little People Nativity Scene Barn. Strange cause 2 trips ago I found a bag with the complete set sans the barn. So this was a GREAT find.
  • A vintage Little People dog.
  • A Calico Critters tiny log home (we collect that stuff).
  • A transformer (nothing special), sold at the sale (see above)
  • A build it yourself digital clock kit.
  • A Vintage (almost all pieces missing) Star Wars ITN-4. A ‘Mini Rig’ vehicle (see pictures).
  • A $25 Saltgrass Gift Card. Woo hoo!
  • A Arkansas Commemorative Quarter Page (with Quarters attached).
  • A Quarter.

So the last few items need some ‘splainin. That Star Wars toy… wow. If only the parts were in there. I wonder how many such gems come through the bins… Anyway complete those guys go for between 15-30 complete. I think I’ll keep it tho. So many memories. This was the only Mini Rig I ever owned.

Next there was a Saltgrass gift card in there, so I grabbed it. Never hurts to try. Well it has $25 on it! Whoo hoo! A definite awesome find.

Then, right in plain sight is a 17″x17″ card with 2 quarters plainly visible. Everyone there is so focused on those shoes or other ‘rare items’ they don’t bother to see what is right in plain sight. Anyway, there’s another fifty cents in the pot.

Finally I just found a quarter loose in a bin.

I didn’t find much to knock my socks off but it was a fun time and we did find some fun stuff. At $1.59lb (and rounding up to give to Goodwill) the total was $78. Steep but if you deduct the $25.75 from the find, then it’s not so bad.

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