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It’s your old pal Chris again. You might remember me from the first test blog I did. While I’ve done a few other blog posts since, I’m doing a secondary test blog to learn how to do a couple of other things. This time, I’m actually writing directly into the Word Press page. There is no reason for this except to say that I did it.

Now I’m writing in small letters. Why? Well, because there is a thing over there that let me do so. Also, I have this vision of Nathan having to look for his reading glasses to make sure I’m not writing really small to talk shit about him. Hey, Nathan. I’m not talking shit about you; just your eyesight.

Now I’m writing super big, as though I’m being paid by the page rather than the word.

Enough of that. That really large writing is making me… well, blue.

Ok, so there’s all that stuff. What would I like to discuss today for real? I’d like to discuss a song called “Test” by Ministry. The only reason is because this is a test blog, and I want to learn how to insert pictures and embed video. Also, I have a useless skill where I can often reference songs based on random words or phrases. When I thought to myself, “What song do I want for the test blog?” that song immediately came to mind.

Purpose of this photo? Well, It's really just to have a picture in this test blog.
This is one of those albums that would easily be considered flawless if it wasn’t for that one song that is ok, but just not great.

I must say, that I don’t like how the text under the picture looks on the preview. It’s all centered and big. Let me see if I can fix that.

If I stretch it out maybe the text will look better while the picture will look like crap?

That didn’t work either. Ok, so maybe I just have to not use the caption feature? Let me see how that would look.

This is my attempt to make the caption look better for the picture that is in an entirely different block.

It’s sad, but that’s the way that looks closest to how I feel it should look. It’s like my great grandma who once told me that she had to fake an orgasm to be able to cum. My great grandma never told me that, but I think it’s plausible. I’m not sure if the analogy is plausible, but that stuff I made up about my ancestor… that’s plausible.

Let’s see if the embedding thing works. This is the make or break moment for the Word Press blog. *drum roll*

This is the Ministry song I was talking about before all the testing I was doing.

“Test” is my least favourite song on “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste.” It’s not that I specifically hate it, but there is something about people writing rap music who don’t typically write rap music and do it as an experiment. It can work on some level, but it’s not going to be as good as if you have written rap songs many times and learned what works and what doesn’t. In addition to that basic problem, I feel that the guitar riff that is repeated throughout the song is the weakest instrumentation on the album. I apologize if I’ve somehow made this your first impression of this album.

Speaking of first impression, I ran into this same basic problem with my favourite band, Duran Duran, on their “Liberty” album with a song called “Hothead.”

Simon is no Eminem. I’d still listen to this over anything by Vanilla Ice though.

The instrumentation on “Hothead” is better than the instrumentation on “Test,” which is probably why I’ll still defend this song, even if it is on the low end of my “Duran Du-ratings.” I was just trying out that phrasing. Probably not using it after this. I do still stand by “Durandatory Duran” though.

Ok, I think I’m good for now with what I’ve done with this test blog. I might try to work on it later where I can make it look better when I embed and add pictures. I bored with it now though.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who is banging on a Big Thing. Well, at least big letters.

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